Tim Bradstreet sharpens his 'Blade'

[Blade 2]Renowned cover artist Timothy Bradstreet provided a few updates at his personal Web site today regarding his work on the film "Blade 2: Bloodlust," as well as his "Batman/Deathblow work" along with a few other details of what's next for the artist.

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, "Blade 2: Bloodlust" is scheduled for a March 2002 release. Bradstreet, who provided character designs for the film, remarked, "I was a little worried when I saw a few photo stills from the new film. I wasn't crazy about Blade's new hairline or his more decorative battle gear. After seeing the teaser trailer I feel a little better about it." He also mentioned, "I never thought they would mess with Blade much from a design standpoint because the first film's design was so simple, which was perfect for the character. The new design is growing on me. I love the added tattoos. He will not have a design credit but Guillermo's (Del Toro) fingerprints are all over the new look."

Since his early attachment to the film Bradstreet pushed has also been pushing Marvel to release a "Blade 2: Bloodlust" dilm adaptation. "I tried unsuccessfully three or four times to find and advocate at Marvel for my idea of doing an adaptation. It would have been perfect, an adaptation of a film by someone who actually worked on it."

Bradstreet's idea was to do a heavily illustrated screenplay or adapted screenplay with a 20 page section on the preproduction art and design with illustrations by himself, Mike Mignola, Wayne Barlowe, Ty Rubin Ellingson, and storyboard art by legendary illustrator Leo Duranona.

"No one was crazy about the idea of doing an adaptation and now all of the sudden they're doing one," Bradstreet said. "As I've heard it, it's just another straightforward adaptation. It boggles the mind. Honestly, it's not sour grapes, I'm just mystified."

[Batman/Deathblow #1]Bradstreet has also been attached to the long-promised "Batman/Deathblow" project from DC/Wildstorm. On his Web site he clarified some details about this book. Initially it was reported that Bradstreet would be providing inks to all of this series covers, although according to the site penciller Lee Bremejo will be full painting the covers to issues #2 and #3. Bradstreet noted that, "Lee is getting a chance to spread his wings on this project. He decided to paint the covers for 2 and 3. I got no problems with that, it's his baby." Bradstreet will however, be providing the illustration, design, and layouts for the back covers of the series. "I am getting very excited about the 'Batman/Deathblow' series. I've seen a good deal of the finished pages, fully colored by Mr. Grant Goleash, the fellow responsible for all the amazing color work on my covers. I couldn't be happier. Now don't get me wrong, I've been excited about the project from the beginning but having seen the almost final product (printers will still get their chance to fuck it up) I'm duly friggin' jacked. I've also just finished the layout and designs for all of the back covers and I'm jazzed about those as well. Almost nothing gives me greater pleasure than graphic design and if I wasn't busy illustrating covers and inking 3 issue mini series' I'd make it a full time gig. Keep checking the site in the coming weeks for some juicy exclusive sneak peeks."

In addition to these projects, Bradstreet also talked about his upcoming cover work on the regular monthly ongoing BLADE series from Marvel Max. Penciller Steve Pugh and new series writer Chris Hinz kick it off in March 2002.

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