Tieri & Pizzari Bring "Black Knight" to All-New All-Different Marvel

The Black Knight will return in All-New All Different Marvel Comics with his very own ongoing series from Frank Tieri and Luca Pizzari, Newsarama reports. "Black Knight" will take place post-"Secret Wars" on Weirdworld with a blend of sword, sorcery and strife.

"We're trying to do a book that's unlike any that's out there," Tieri explained, "and definitely not something you'd really expect from a Black Knight series. Sure, there'll be sword and sorcery and all that stuff but it's really more than that. At its heart, 'Black Knight' will be about one man's struggle with what I call a 'necessary addiction.' I guess the best description is something that's sort of like a cross between 'Game of Thrones' and 'Breaking Bad.' Call it 'Breaking Blade,' if you will."

Tieri also addressed how Dane, the Black Knight himself, came to arrive on Weirdworld. "What I can say from my standpoint for my series is Weirdworld will absolutely be our setting... and what a great setting it is. It's really become as much a character as Dane or anybody else in the book. There's all these crazy different parts to it, which is incredibly fun to write. The part where Dane finds himself is kind of like the Middle Ages on acid. Fire breathing trolls, Lightning dragons, warring barbarians, mysterious serpent men... [How] Dane came into Weirdworld... is one of the big mysteries we'll be unveiling as we go along -- the how and the why Dane wound up in Weirdworld. What I will say is this... it involves the Avengers."

"[I] want to keep a few surprises for our book, but I will say the Avengers play a very large role in our first arc. Steve Rogers and the Uncanny Avengers to be precise. And that's all I'll say about that," he added.

Of artist Pizzari, Tieri shared, "I was first introduced to Luca's work on 'Red Skull' and I instantly knew he'd be perfect for us. As I've indicated, this is a darker Dane than we're used to, a Dane that's a tad more dangerous -- and Luca's got a nice gritty style that really fits that. He's really an ideal artist for what we want to do with this book."

Tieri also revealed that the crux of the series will revolve around the dark, addictive influence of the Black Knight's Ebony Blade and whether or not it will overcome Dane. "Dane's struggle to overcome the Blade's influence -- if he overcomes it, I should say (and that's a huge if) -- is really the biggest part of our story... You can't just destroy the Blade. Someone needs to take possession of it. Someone needs to take on that responsibility and Dane has always believed it's him... Dane, at his core, has always been a good guy caught in a bad situation, thinking he's doing the right thing... although we can see at times that maybe it's for all the wrong reasons. Dane knows he himself sometimes loses control and does things he wouldn't normally do because of the Blade, but he honestly believes he is the only man capable of wielding it. That ultimately it is his destiny, his fate... The question no one's really bothered to ask that we'll be addressing though is this: is he right? What if he isn't?"

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