Tidalwave Studios Honors the Real Life Heroes

TidalWave Studios, publishers of "10th Muse" and "The Dollz," have announced some last minute changes to "10th Muse #6" to raise money for the relief efforts following the attacks on September 11th.

Darren G. Davis, president of TidalWave Studios, sent CBR News images that will appear in "10th Muse #6" earlier this week. The images include a new cover by Randy Green replacing the original cover for the issue, a stirring and familiar image by Mike S. Miller which will be used as the back cover of the book and another image by Mark Brooks. Davis told CBR News the Mike S. Miller piece will be also be included on a T-Shirt with all proceeds from sales of that T-Shirt donated to the International Association of Firefighters. The original artwork for these pieces will be donated to Oni Press as part of their auction fundraising.

In a release issued earlier today Davis elaborated on the company's feelings following the attack and their fund raising plans.

"The recent tragedy made us here at TidalWave Studios take stock of what is truly important," Davis said in a release. "Our hearts are truly broken and we want to in some way give something back to our real superheroes. Our artists have donated their talent and time to create special artwork to be made available to our fans. Every penny from these sales will go to the International Association of Firefighters.

"This is not a marketing effort to sell more books but a tribute to those who lost lives and loved ones. The logos will not appear on the cover, Our only focus is to raise money for this honorable cause."

The originally scheduled special guest appearance by the Tellos characters will remain unchanged. Inside 10th Muse #6 will be a two-page section where readers can learn how they can receive 11" x 17" prints of any of the piece picture here or new works by Keron Grant, Mark Brooks, and a second piece by Mike S. Miller by making a donation to the International Association of Firefighters. The Print and t-shirt production are being donated by Left Field Production and Komikwerks.com helped organize this fundraiser.

"10th Muse" #6 will be released on October 3.

Donations can be made to:

International Association of Firefighters

1750 New York Ave.

NW Washington, DC 20006

CBR Staff writer Rob Worley contributed to this article.

Article corrected 9/25/01, 1:51 PM

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