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Avatar Press and TidalWave Studios have announced that the successful line which made a high profile debut at Image with 10th Muse has made the move to Avatar Press. The deal is set up to give TidalWave a separate imprint within Avatar. The full color TidalWave line will launch at Avatar in July with 10th Muse by Marv Wolfman and Roger Cruz and Black Tide by Debbie Bishop and Mike S. Miller (JLA, Adventures of Superman). Cover artists on the books will include Chris Bachalo and Andy Park.

"TidalWave is representative of the best of the new breed of studio that has emerged in the past couple of years," says Avatar Press editor in chief William A. Christensen. "Like some of the others that have come up in and around Image in recent times, such as Dreamwave and Devil's Due, Tidalwave is a well-organized, high-quality, focused line capable of bringing in new readers. In fact, I think they helped kick off the trend when 10th Muse debuted at #6 on the Diamond charts two years ago. The TidalWave line makes an excellent compliment to ours, and this addition to Avatar will be of benefit to both companies, and most importantly, to the comics themselves."

We are anticipating great things from this new partnership with Avatar," adds TidalWave president Darren Davis. "In the last couple of years they established themselves as an organization on the fast track to commercial and artistic success. We fully expect to add to this impressive track record."

"Our intention is to not only maintain the high production value of each title, but to expand the TidalWave universe with new ventures," Davis adds. "Every book carrying the TidalWave/Avatar logo will uphold a high standard that offers our fans and all readers of comic books a quality purchase."

"What I find particularly appealing about the move to Avatar is not only do I keep all of the TidalWave creative teams together, but we are able to experiment a bit more freely with styles," says Davis. "As has been my goal since day one, TidalWave books are driven by cutting edge artwork and engaging storylines. That promise of quality shall continue."

All the titles currently produced by TidalWave will continue with the same quality and without any major change to the publication schedule, according to Davis. In its move to Avatar, 10th Muse will launch with a new series in July while also continuing developed storylines. The same is true for the other established TidalWave title, Black Tide.

Davis plans to expand his range of titles, including spinoffs of some of the more popular characters such as ISIS, Atlas, and Orion the Hunter. The 6 titles that are scheduled to date include:

10th MUSE - Writer: Darren G. Davis, Pencils: Roger Cruz

ATLAS - Writer: Darren G. Davis, Pencils: Mark Brooks

BLACK TIDE - Writer: Debbie Bishop. Pencils: Mike S. Miller

LEGEND OF ISIS - Writer: TBD, Pencils: RV Valdez

THE ODYSSEY - Writer: Various Pencils: Norm Breyfogle, Craig Roussu

ZAK RAVEN, ESQ. - Writer: Darren G. Davis, Pencils: Renato Arlem

TidalWave Studios burst on the comic scene in August of 2000 with the debut of 10th Muse. Ranked by Wizard as one of the highest debuts from an independent producer, the book quickly found a wide audience. Based within Greek mythology and driven by the Silver Age super hero sensibilities, 10th Muse paired some of the top artists with comic legend Marv Wolfman. The title is the cornerstone franchise of the TidalWave universe.

Avatar Press is a comic book publisher which has carved a niche for itself as a company that pushes the boundaries between mainstream and independent by working with creators such as Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Alan Moore, Steven Grant, Billy Tucci, and Tim Vigil. The company has published over 300 comic books since 1997.

The TidalWave imprint debuts at Avatar in July with full color releases 10th Muse #1, Black Tide #1, and the TidalWave Sampler.

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