'Thunderbolts' to remain at $2.25 cover price

Official Press Release

[Thunderbolts #80]Due to the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response by readers and retailers tothe bold, new direction of the THUNDERBOLTS that began with February's issue#76, Marvel is pleased to announce that a planned price increase to $2.99that was slated to take effect with April's THUNDERBOLTS #78 has beencancelled, and that the ongoing monthly series will retain its low $2.25cover price.

Under the creative direction of writer John Arcudi and up-and-comingsuperstar penciler Francisco Ruiz Velasco, THUNDERBOLTS #76 completelyreinvented the title, introducing readers to the seamy underbelly of thesupervillain community, where C-list badguys without the ambition, brains orpower to be real Marvel Universe menaces bash each other's skulls in for afew measly bucks in an underground "Fight Club"-style network!

"Anytime you reinvent a title you're always taking chances," saidEditor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "What minimizes your risk is always greatcontent and great casting. This is a case where casting the right artistwith the perfect writer and combining it with a bold new concept wrappedwithin a great story is really paying off. Reports of the new T-Boltsselling out and our own strong belief in this series and its future made itan easy decision to keep the cover at $2.25, and we hope fans take thisopportunity to give one of the year's most unique and visionary new series atry."

THUNDERBOLTS #77 goes on sale 3/19. Fans retailers still have until 3/27 toplace orders for THUNDERBOLTS #78, on sale 4/16. THUNDERBOLTS #77-79continues the first story arc establishing the title's new direction, andreaders can look forward to an upcoming two-part story arc guest-starringSpider-Man, beginning with June's THUNDERBOLTS #80.

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