Thunderbolts: Rebirth?

As I've been following the current Thunderbolts run by Andy Diggle, particularly the subplot involving Songbird and her mission to take down Osbourn's team, one of the questions that's been on my mind is, "Where the heck are the rest of the original Thunderbolts?" It's been awhile since we've seen Atlas, MACH-IV and the rest of that crew, and you figure if Songbird's going to ask someone for help, wouldn't it make sense to give her old friends a call?

Well, in issue #134, that call goes out.

As revealed in yesterday's Cup o' Q&A with Joe Quesada over at the main CBR site, the original team is coming back to help Songbird. Two other fans apparently had the same question that I did, and asked Marvel's Editor in Chief about Baron Zemo -- the team's original leader -- and the rest of his crew.

"It's a great question, Steven and Mike, and I guess you can say you heard it here first," Quesada responded. "Old school T-Bolts fans rejoice! Songbird is actually going to begin to assemble the original TBolts in issue #134. Her mission basically is to destroy Norman Osborn and his crazy pack of killers who have taken the good name of the original T-bolts. And yes, Zemo has been discussed internally, so stay tuned. We haven't decided just yet... or maybe we have and I’m just not going to tell you. [laughs]"

From the artwork above, it looks like at least MACH-IV and Techno are back, teaming with Songbird and ... well, if you've read the most recent issue (or even if you just recognize those bracelets) you know who they're standing with ...

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