'Thunderbolts' #78 printing/pricing error

Official Press Release

Marvel readers are advised that, due to a printing error, THUNDERBOLTS #78

will be released with a $2.99 price on its cover, instead of the $2.25 cover

price that was previously announced for the title. Readers may recall that

despite being originally solicited at $2.99, due to positive critical

response to the series' new direction, Marvel announced it would retain its

original $2.25 price, including THUNDERBOLTS #78.

Arriving in comic shops April 16th, Marvel and Diamond are asking ALL comics

retailers to sell THUNDERBOLTS #78 to readers at the lower Suggested Retail

Price of $2.25, and not at the higher, incorrect cover price of $2.99.

Marvel apologizes for any inconvenience this error may cause. Readers can

advise retailers to contact their Diamond Customer Service Representative

with any questions.

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