Thunderbolts #20.NOW

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at THUNDERBOLTS 20.NOW - from the red hot creative team of Charles Soule and Carlo Barberi! General Ross' ragtag team of Thunderbolts were brought together to solve the problems that no one else could. But what happens when the problem...is one of them? The god-like Mercy has continues to wreak havoc and destruction - leaving nothing but blood and bodies in her wake. She's gone too far - and the Red Hulk has turned to an unlikely ally in his quest to shut her down for good - Johnny Blaze, the original GHOST RIDER!

But even the Spirit of Vengeance himself may not be enough to keep this team of sinners and killers out of hell itself. Or maybe he'll lead them there? Find out when Thunderbolts explodes onto the All-New Marvel NOW! scene in THUNDERBOLTS 20.NOW this January!

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