Thunderbolts #149

Story by
Art by
Declan Shalvey
Colors by
Frank Martin
Letters by
Comicraft - Albert Deschesne
Cover by
Marvel Comics

A SHADOWLAND TIE-IN! Luke Cage's squad of fierce felons face the nature of true evil when they uncover secrets of the ancient order known as The Hand beneath Hell's Kitchen! Will a group of people rarely known for doing the right thing choose a higher path-or will they add to the power of the ninja cult? Meanwhile, as Cage fights to help his friend Daredevil up on the streets, he realizes that he picked a bad time to trust his skeleton crew of criminal operatives on an unsupervised mission! So come on, all you DD fans, pick up this issue and find out why Aint It Cool News raves: "very fun...I love this cast...this one is definitely going back on my pull list."

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