Thunderbirds Are Go Once More in New Season 3 Trailer

"Thunderbirds Are Go" is heading back to Amazon Prime for a third season this April and, aside from having the usual quota of emergencies to deal with, it seems the International Rescue crew will also have to contend with a lot more of "The Mechanic," the new villain introduced during the show's second season.

He might look like Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises," but The Mechanic seem set to be engineering all manner of difficulties that provoke John Tracy's familiar call out/catchphrase: "we have a situation!"

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Viewers should also be wary that the trailer comes with a pop backbeat that makes every featured line of dialogue feel like a lyric to a weirdly catchy song. It is an ear worm that may have you jigging around in front of whatever electronic device you happen to watch it on. Perhaps this is all part of The Mechanic's latest ploy...

As ever, there are plenty of nods to Gerry Anderson's original 60s puppet series, including the iconic countdown of the Thunderbirds main vehicles and even an appearance of the old IR uniforms, but with the modern reboot now heading into its third season, there is no denying the show's success in attracting a heap of new fans.

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“Thunderbirds Are Go” features the vocal talents of Rosamund Pike as Lady Penelope, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Gordon Tracy and John Tracy, Rasmus Hardiker as Alan Tracy and Scott Tracy, David Menkin as Virgil Tracy, Sandra Dickinson as Grandma Tracy, Kayvan Novak as mechanical genius Brains, Andres Williams as the villainous Hood, and David Graham reprising his role as manservant/IR agent Parker. The third season of the show hits Amazon Prime on 21 April.

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