'Thunderbirds Are Go' Gets U.S. Release Date

"Thunderbirds Are Go," the revival of the classic U.K. sci-fi series, will premiere April 22 on Amazon Prime Video, following a one-hour special, "Ring of Fire" Parts 1 and 2, on April 15.

The entire 13-episode first season will be available on April 22 in the United States. Three additional seasons are already on tap.

Premiering last year in the United Kingdom, the series combines CG animation with miniature effects to chronicle the exploits of the five brave Tracy brothers, who form the world-famous life-saving organization International Rescue.

Rosamund Pike stars as the voice of Lady Penelope, joined by Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Gordon Tracy and John Tracy, Rasmus Hardiker as Alan Tracy and Scott Tracy, David Menkin as Virgil Tracy, Sandra Dickinson as Grandma Tracy, Kayvan Novak as mechanical genius Brains, Andres Williams as the villainous Hood, and David Graham reprising his role as manservant/IR agent Parker.


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