<i>Thunderbirds</i> Are Go Again

When it comes to vehicle-piloting marionettes traveling around the planet and thwarting evil, Thunderbirds is where it's at. The original series created by Gerry Anderson aired in the United Kingdom for 32 episodes between 1965 and 1966, and while it didn't last long, it became an enduring cult favorite. And now it's heading back to television

Deadline reports ITV Studios is joining forces with Weta Workshop and Pukeko Pictures to get Thunderbirds back in the air with 26 new episodes. The series, called Thunderbirds Are Go! after the original's iconic battle cry, will still focus on former astronaut Jeff Tracy and his five heroic sons, but will look a bit different. The producers will employ live-action sets along with CG-animated figures.

Rob Hoegee, who has been a writer and story editor on cartoons like Legion of Super-Heroes, Teen Titans Go! and Generator Rex, will act as head writer. Thunderbirds Are Go! is slated to return to U.K. television in 2015, with no word yet on how, when or where it will make its way to the United States.

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