'Thrones' Alum Heads to 'Atlantis'

BBC America is diving deep into the world of Atlantis for a new fantasy drama, part of the network's Supernatural Saturday lineup premiering in the fall.

Created by Howard Overman of Misfits and Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps of Merlin, BBC America's Atlantis "is set in a time of legendary heroes and mythical creatures," according to a press release. The series aims to reimagine a wide array of Greek myths and legends for a new generation of viewers.

"The city of Atlantis is a mysterious, ancient place; a world of bull leaping, of snake haired goddesses and of palaces so vast it was said they were built by giants," the press release states. "It's into this strange, compelling realm that the young Jason arrives and an amazing adventure begins, bringing to life the vast store of Greek myths and legends re-imagined in the series."

"This ambitious new series will see us push production values to the limit as we endeavor to bring the epic world of Atlantis to life," Murphy says. "By combining state-of-the-art technology with timeless filmmaking techniques, we want every episode to have the star quality of a Hollywood movie."

Atlantis stars Mark Addy (Game of Thrones), Jemima Rooper (Hex), Juliet Stevenson (The Hour), Sarah Parish (Hatfields & McCoys), Robert Emms (War Horse), Aiysha Hart (About Time) and Jack Donnelly (Dancing on the Edge).

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