Three New Series Debut From Speakeasy In August

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June 7 2005, Toronto, Canada – Three brand-new first issues lead the way from Speakeasy Comics in August!

Featured in the pages of the new Previews, and available now for Pre-Order from your local specialty retailer, ROCKETO #1, OF BITTER SOULS #1 and HERO@LARGE #1 continue the publisher's dedication to publishing new talent and diverse material.

Art and information can be found at the links provided for each title. Look for them in August!

HERO@LARGE #1 by writer Erick Hogan, artist David Murdoch, and cover artist Sean "Cheeks" Galloway!

Welcome to Megalotroplis, where superheroes battle for truth, justice, and top story on the evening news.

Alpha Major was Megalotroplis' biggest hero … until now. Everything changes when a young upstart, Diesel, arrives on the scene to steal the spotlight. Embarrassed and ashamed, Alpha goes into hiding until he meets a young boy that teaches him the true meaning of being a hero.

The fun and excitement begins in August with the debut of HERO@LARGE #1

Look for the full color, debut issue of HERO@LARGE #1 (JUN053153) in August with a cover price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit:

ROCKETO #1 by writer, artist and creator Frank Espinosa!

"Journey to the Hidden Sea" is a multi-issue graphic series by artist Frank Espinosa that follows the life and adventures of Rocketo Garrison, world-famous explorer and mapmaker. Set 2,000 years into a mythical future, the world as we know it has been destroyed in a catastrophe and its magnetic field distorted. The only way for mankind to now navigate through the broken land masses is by the unique abilities of the Mappers, a genetically engineered group of men and women who act as human compasses.

Issue #1 introduces Rocketo Garrison as a young boy on the Island of Kova where he lives with his mother and father, a maker of the specialized equipment the explorers use and a renowned Mapper himself. One day as Rocketo reads about the fabled land of Ultamo and the role it played in the world's destruction, the young boy is profoundly changed and his lifelong adventure as a Mapper begins.

Created, written and illustrated by Frank Espinosa, ROCKETO #1 also features "lyrics" by Marie Taylor. Espinosa is a world-class animator having redesigned the complete Looney Tunes characters in 1992 making them one of the top grossing properties of all time; fashioned a series of Looney Tunes US Postage Stamps and designed the Baby Looney Tunes characters, among other achievements.

Look for the full color, debut issue of ROCKETO #1 (JUN053157) –fFeaturing "Landscape" Interiors -- in August with a cover price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit:

OF BITTER SOULS #1 by writer Charles Satterlee and artist Norm Breyfogle!

A mysterious New Orleans Pastor named Secord chooses four individuals and adorns them with powers that, to their delight or disgust, are directly related to their worst character flaws.

It begs the question, what should we do with the gifts we are given?

Under the guidance of Pastor Secord, the four flawed heroes will be set loose on the vampires, ghosts, zombies and other supernatural baddies that are so prevalent in New Orleans' legends. They will be a force for good that is if they don't destroy themselves with their own powers first.

Mixing New Orleans mythology & architecture with superheroes and theology, OF BITTER SOULS is a full color monthly, ongoing series from creator/writer Charles Satterlee. The series is penciled and inked by industry legend, Norm Breyfogle.

Look for the full color, debut issue of OF BITTER SOULS #1 (JUN053156) in August with a cover price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit:

Look for more information on Speakeasy's August releases next week!

And look for the PHANTOM JACK TPB (MAR053119) in Stores this week (06/08/05):

A reporter with a secret power takes center stage in this new look at the Iraq War!

Written by Cleveland Plain Dealer journalist Michael San Giacomo and illustrated by Mitchell Breitweiser and Jaime Jones, this Trade Paperback collection will contain the first five issues of the Phantom Jack series as well as a new 23-page "Issue Zero," telling the complete origin of Phantom Jack for the first time. In addition, the trade will contain a 10-page original Phantom Jack short story with 10 full-page spot illustrations by Sean Mcardle, and another 30 pages of new stories, scripts, character bios, original stories and art! Also features a foreword by Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, Powers, Jinx, Torso) and a new introduction by San Giacomo!

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