Three Networks, <i>Mad Men</i> Due To Disappear From AT&amp;T Cable

Viewers who planned to watch AMC's Mad Men - or, for that matter, next year's The Walking Dead - on AT&T's U-Verse service may want to start thinking about changing their provider pretty soon; AMC is one of three channels about to disappear from the service.

AMC, along with IFC and WEtv, are currently scheduled to disappear for 2.3 million viewers this week, according to the Hollywood Reporter. This latest deadline comes at the end of a two-week extension, agreed at the end of AT&T's last contract with the channels' owner, Rainbow Media Holdings, on July 1st, and both sides are already fighting a PR war, with AMC accusing AT&T of "[putting] their corporate interests ahead of their customers" and AT&T shooting back by calling Rainbow's networks "among the least-watched and most overpriced per viewer."

Assuming no last-minute negotiation breakthrough, AT&T will cut the channels on July 14th.

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