Three Names Chosen For "Watchmen?"

The buzz is virtually audible at this point, as virtually everyone expects a big announcement about casting for the Zack Snyder's adaptation of the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons masterpiece.

Over the weekend, the website Latino Review posted articles claiming that actress Malin Akerman has been cast as Sally Jupiter while "confirming" that Jackie Earle Haley will play Rorschach. The report about Akerman is news, but CBR news first reported the rumor about Haley on March 19th, with actor Paddy Considine gave further confirmation on June 18th.

Then, in the wee hours of the morning of July 23rd, IESB claimed that actor Matthew Goode would tackle the role of the world's smartest man, Ozymandias.

How much of it is actually true? There's no word from the studios, and the major trades remain mum on the rumormongering. The Warner Brothers panel was slated for Friday, so time will certainly tell whether these rumors prove true.

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