Three masters of the mystic arts for the price of one

To quote our very own Michael May, "wish this was real": Brendan McCarthy plugs the release today of IDW Publishing's The Complete Zaucer of Zilk by slipping this sketch out into the ether, of the three magic-wielding characters he's drawn over the years: the Zaucer, Doctor Strange, and Mirkin the Mystic, of the all-too short-lived Paradax! comic from 1987 (two issues, and one was all-reprint).

It comes with a companion piece: this sketch, of Paradax himself meeting Doctor Strange. As I never tire of pointing out, Pete Milligan and McCarthy's Paradax (in Eclipse comics' Strange Days) pretty much invented the whole "superhero as an unlikeable wannabe celebrity" subgenre, three years before Morrison's Zenith in 2000AD, and 15 years before Warren Ellis' The Authority made that trope de rigueur for mainstream comics for an extended period. And also in passing invented that whole "leather jacket over your superhero costume" thing that ruled the 1990s.

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