Three Jokers: Fabok's Latest Sneak Peek Features Batman & Batgirl

Batman: Three Jokers artist Jason Fabok has shared a new look at Batman and Batgirl in his upcoming DC Black Label series.

"Finishing up a page that's taken me DAYS to complete...but it's worth it," Fabok wrote on Twitter. "Batman: Three Jokers is my love letter to you; the Batman fans. You deserve the best and I want to give you my best. Here's a sneak peek at a panel. I absolutely love drawing Batgirl." The image shows Batman and Batgirl looking at something out of panel.

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Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok's Batman: Three Jokers will be released in three 46-page issues under DC's Black Label imprint for mature readers. It will reportedly tie into main DC continuity to explain the Rebirth-era mystery of how three different versions of the Joker exist in main DC continuity. In addition to Batman, the miniseries will star Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd, both of whom have a dark history with the Joker.

The release date for Batman: Three Jokers has not been announced.

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