Thoughts on...Wizard Deleting their Online Archives

Awhile back, I was doing an Urban Legend piece that involved a Wizard interview between Judd Winick and George Perez that was on their website. I looked for it, and I couldn't find it, but now I hear (courtesy of the latest Lying in the Gutters, although I probably should have seen it somewhere else before that) that that is apparently because Wizard deleted their online archives!

What the heck?!

As Johnston mentions, that involved deleting

Brian Warmoth's "Cursory Conversations" interview column with webcomic creators, as well as Sean T. Collins' "I Can Has Comix" interview column with notable indie and small-press creators.

I get that it is easier to revamp online sites if you can just do a wipe on the archives, but really, isn't that just absolutely absurd for them to do? Wipe the archives to, what, save some time/money?


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