Thoughts on Trials of Shazam #12

Now, come on, that's funny.

(Spoilers ahead).

Remember how Freddy Freeman turned into Captain Marvel, Jr. by saying "Captain Marvel"? So he was the one hero who couldn't say his own name? Because he'd turn back to Freddy?

So, the point of Trials of Shazam is that Freddy is trying to become the new Captain Marvel. Well, in the last issue he succeeds (shocking, I know), so you'd think, "Okay, so finally, Freddy can say his name."

But oops, no, no he can't, because, for whatever odd reason, writer Judd Winick (and DC, I suppose) has decided that Freddy's new superhero name is going to be "Shazam."

You might ask, "So wait, he's become the wizard who gave them their powers?"

Well, yeah, but obviously, it is because DC figures since they can't call him Captain Marvel on the comic book covers, so they might as well name him the word they CAN use in advertising, Shazam.

But it's a pretty silly name, especially because, once again, Freddy can't say his name without turning back into Freddy (except, as pointed out to me by Walt Grogan, of the amazing Captain Marvel website, Marvel Family, back when this series started, eight years ago, Winick DID establish that the word "Shazam" was no longer needed to be spoken to make the transformation, it was more about a state of mind than the actual word).

Still a funny name!!

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