Thoughts on the Super-Marriage Officially Being Erased

With the official word now confirming what we all knew was about a 99% certainty (I think I even went with 100% certainty at one point), that Clark Kent and Lois Lane's marriage will be erased with the reboot, something I find myself thinking is, "Wait, they were married?"

We are nearing the finish of a two-year span where the Clark Kent/Lois Lane marriage was featured with extreme infrequency (heck, two years according to the comics - it's actually been longer than that, right?). First, Superman goes to New Krypton for a year. When he returns, he goes on the road for a year.

Think about that for a moment, two VERY different sets of Superman writers with VERY different ideas of what to do with the Superman title, both came up with the SAME idea - separate Superman from Lois Lane for a year. Then, when planning the new DC reboot, Dan DiDio talks to the incoming Superman writers, and THEY also want to separate Superman from Lois Lane. And again, we're talking a goodly variety of creative types here, and they are all coming to the same conclusion - Superman works best as, if not a LONER exactly, certainly somewhat disconnected from the rest of society (the dude has a Fortress of Solitude, for crying out loud!). While I personally never had a problem with the marriage (heck, I was okay with the Peter/MJ marriage, too), I can certainly see where the creators are coming from, and I am totally supportive of this decision.

Also, early Superman stories in Action Comics and current Superman stories in Superman? Sounds like a plan (although I still can't get behind the armor).

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