Thoughts on the Return of Quantum and Woody by Priest and Bright!

I'll admit, the fact that the new Quantum and Woody reboot wasn't by Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright really squelched a lot of my enthusiasm for the return of those characters, even though I enjoy the work of the writer and the artist on the new series (James Asmus and Tom Fowler, respectively). It just didn't seem right to not have those two guys involved in Quantum and Woody. So now that Valiant is going to have Priest and Bright do a new Quantum and Woody mini-series set in the old continuity I am totally pumped.

The early looks at the new pages from the mini-series look good....

Here's hoping we get to see a return of M.D. Bright to drawing more comics! He's a very strong artist and I'd love to see him work on more comic books.

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