Thoughts on the Return of Miracleman!

I can't help but imagine that the Top 100 Storylines list (that you can vote on right here) and last year's Top 100 Comic Book Runs list wouldn't be noticeably different had people had easy access to Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman's Miracleman stories that have been stuck out of print for two decades. So Marvel finally being able to reprint the Miracleman work of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman is major news and when you toss in Neil Gaiman finishing his aborted run on the book? One of the biggest and coolest announcements from New York Comic Con so far.

Question, though, do you think Marvel will end all of this with the addition of Miracleman to the Marvel Universe, a la Angela joining the Marvel Universe (through one of those pesky temporal rifts from the Age of Ultron)? Or do you think that they'll keep the Miracleman line separate?

EDITED TO ADD: My pal Third Man suggests it is only Neil Gaiman's work that is being reprinted, so I edited the piece accordingly.

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: Tom Brevoort has confirmed that they are reprinting the ENTIRE run, Moore included! Awesomeness!

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