Thoughts on the Next Ten Announced DC Comics #1's

DC has announced their next ten titles (launching with new #1s) and they're an interesting mixed bag of creators.

Let's see what we have!

First off, Cliff Chiang is amazing, so it great to see him get such a high profile book like Wonder Woman #1.

The cover looks great.

The writer on the book, Brian Azzarello, is awesome in his own right, and this pair worked on one of DC's best series of the last five years, Doctor Thirteen, so I am officially pumped about this book.

I like Dan Jurgens, but Justice League International seems like a strange fit. He didn't seem to mesh with the title when he FIRST wrote them, so he seems like a curious choice to relaunch the new series. But obviously, this is a new approach and he has done good work with his creation, Booster Gold, so I'm cautiously optimistic!

Really, one of the more interesting aspects of these 10 titles is the fact that of the ten books listed, three of them are written or co-written by creators you would typically think of as artists. And that's not even counting Jurgens, who is actually drawing the Green Arrow re-boot with writer JT Krul (as Jurgens long ago established himself as a writer). As an aside, why have Brett Booth do the cover of Green Arrow #1 if you have Dan Jurgens doing interior art?

I absolutely adore Francis Manapul's artwork, so if DC wants to give him Flash to write and draw (with Brian Buccellato), god bless 'em...

Ethan Van Sciver as a co-writer with Gail Simone on a new Firestorm book? That was a surprise, but it sounds like a fun concept (Jason and Ronnie now being teen friends who get caught up with Firestorm) and artist Yildiray Cinar is great.

Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis will undoubtedly make Aquaman a top title. Johns made Booster Gold a strong seller, for crying out loud!

It is interesting that DC is trying out a new anthology. Good for them. I like anthologies, and Ryan Sook as the cover artist with a main story by Paul Jenkins and Bernard Chang? Sounds good.

Captain Atom, Hawkman and Mister Terrific, I really can't say much about either way. I'll have to see what happens, although I am quite pleased to see Mister Terrific finally getting his own comic (I'd like a better costume redesign, though)!

So far, nothing jumps out as a major problem and Azzarello/Chiang stands out as a major plus, so I'm pretty good right now (especially since the continuity changes seem to be particularly minor so far, unless you have some weird attachment to Firestorm continuity).

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