Thoughts on the New Ghost Rider

Back in Jason Aaron's great (if relatively brief) run on Ghost Rider, he introduced the concept of other types of Ghost Riders through the years, like a trucker Ghost Rider and a elephant-riding Ghost Rider. Well, Marvel has fully embraced this idea with the newest Ghost Rider ongoing series by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore, with the new Ghost Rider being Robbie Reyes, an East Los Angeles high school senior who will be a Ghost Rider in a CAR. Very cool. Not to mention that it is nice to see some diversity from Marvel in their new characters.

I like the idea of embracing the concept of multiple usages of characters, like Johnny Blaze's traditional Ghost Rider being a member of Thunderbolts while they try out this new character in his own series. And while I'm not familiar with Smith's work, Moore is an awesome artist so I am definitely looking forward to this title.

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