Thoughts on the Legends of Tomorrow Pilot

I watched the pilot of the new CW DC's Legends of Tomorrow series, and I have some thoughts!

- I liked Arthur Darvill. I think he did a good job as Rip Hunter. However, making Rip Hunter basically Doctor Who was an odd choice.

- The Rogues and Sara Lance work together very, very well.

- Martin Stein drugging Jax to get him to go with them was waaaaaaay too disturbing of a thing to do for Jax to just go, "Eh, it's cool. As it turns out, this reminded me that I like being part of a team again, so don't feel bad about you drugging and kidnapping me." Also, Franz Drameh does some terrible, terrible line readings.

- Isn't it kind of weird that Rip Hunter tells them that Vandal Savage killed billions of people, and they're like, "Eh, what are you going to do?" but then, "He killed my son!" and it's, "Okay, Rip, we'll help you!"

- The writing in general was pretty clunky, but it was understandably a hard concept to get across.

- I miss Sara Lance, so I'm glad to see her back on TV. Caity Lotz is charming.

- The whole twist of them being there because they are NOT legends was a good one.

- I really like the Hawk-people effects. I don't like either of the actors for the Hawk-people, but the effects of their wings are cool!

- It is always fun seeing actors like Victor Garber in shows like this, because it's almost like it is effortless for them to be good. Like all the Shakespearean actors who love doing Star Trek (remember Christopher Plummer in Star Trek VI? Dude was SO into it!).

- I'll stick around for more, but I liked the Flash pilot a good deal more than this one and the Arrow pilot (which was a bit iffy itself) more than this.

What did you folks think?

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