Thoughts on the latest Daredevil arc

I do not know if the current Daredevil arc is a response to some of the criticisms levied at this title lately, or if it was just a matter of the creative team realizing beforehand where criticism might end up coming,so they decided to address it themselves - either way, the end result is a great arc so far by Ed Brubaker and co-writer, Greg Rucka, where the pair add a bit less dreariness to the life of Matt Murdock.

Throughout the latest issue, various characters all remark on how depressing and dreary Matt's life has been lately (as he has gone through the wringer, including losing his wife to the machinations of Mr. Fear). As the characters speak, it is almost as if they are teasing the book itself - "Come on, enough with the moping, do something productive!"

And in this storyline, it is about Matt clearing the name of a thug who is on Death Row for decapitating three children, but Matt and Dakota North (who Brubaker has turned from a character only my pal Matt Bib loved to a character most folks, I am sure, have grown fond of) believe he is innocent, of this particular crime, that is (thanks to his senses, Matt probably KNOWS otherwise, but that's beside the point).

Who is he protecting? Who is working with the bad guys? What are they trying to hide? How do you save a man who wants to die?

All these questions and more are raised in the latest issue, and once you couple it with the routinely excellent artwork of Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano, you have yourself a good comic book. Well worth giving a look see!

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