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Thoughts on the Deadpool Trailer

by  in Comic News Comment
Thoughts on the Deadpool Trailer

Fox has officially released the red band R-rated trailer for Deadpool, as well as the regular trailer. Check them both out and then I’ll give you some thoughts…

First off, as expected, the trailer sure does show a high level of devotion to the comic book character, specifically the Joe Kelly version of the character (Weasel and Blind Al feature prominently). Ryan Reynolds was built for a character like Deadpool, so it’s truly amazing that he has actually got a chance to play the character the “real” way. How often does that ever happen? That someone gets the chance to fix a major screw-up like that? By the way, Fox, the previous decision to have Deadpool NOT SPEAK is precisely why fans have such little leeway with you when you make changes. There’s little benefit of the doubt when you make decisions like having Deadpool not speak.

So yes, it looks very faithful, but here’s an issue I have. I don’t get the obsession with getting this to an R-Rating. Deadpool became a famous character as a PG/PG-13 character in the pages of Marvel Comics. Joe Kelly’s Deadpool was specifically a PG/PG-13 version of the character. So if you’re that devoted to being true to the character, why, then, the R-Rating? I don’t necessarily CARE that it is an R-Rated movie, I just don’t see the point. It clearly limits your audience and it is not even really true to the character, as the character was published in a comic book that could be read by anyone. Joe Kelly’s ENTIRE RUN was approved by the Comics Code Authority! I get the notion of going with an R-Rating to stay true to a character’s roots, like if there was a Preacher film or something like that. But there’s no need here. So it seems like an odd gun to stick to.

That being said, like I said before, it doesn’t BOTHER me that it is an R-Rated film, I just think it is weird decision. The film still looks like a blast. TJ Miller riffing can never be bad!

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