Thoughts on the Deadpool Movie

Some thoughts on the Deadpool movie that you might have heard came out this past weekend.


-My wife was not the slightest bit interested in seeing the movie until Friday came around and suddenly every reviewer she pays attention to was gushing about the movie. This film had some amazing word of mouth attached to it.

- The pegging scene? That was a pretty early sign that this was going to be a unique superhero film.

- However, what really amazed me is how much a little weird went in this film. The film was, like, 90% of a generic action film. The villain's motives were practically nonexistent, the ending mostly would not be out of place in a bad direct-to-DVD action film, and yet that 10% of weirdness really makes the film stand out.

- Come on, film executives, PLEASE take from this film's success that it makes sense to not mess with the comics that much. Fox, to this point, seemed to be looking at their source material and say, "How can we make this different?" This film did not prove that that is a bad thing, but it has to at least suggest that you should maybe try it. Please DON'T have the take away become "Just make comic book movies dirtier!"

- Man of Steel was such a poor adaptation of Superman. And I've read a couple of Superman comics in my time. That's neither here nor there, but it just kind of irks me that freaking DEADPOOL was more upbeat than a Superman movie. And I can say that, as I've read at least three Superman comic books.

- Ryan Reynolds did a great job. I love his devotion to the film.

- Blind Alfred was great.

- Wade and Vanessa had great chemistry.

- Imagine an X-Men movie where they were just superheroes!

- X-Force might seriously work now. I did have my doubts.

- Anyhow, the main thing is that I really enjoyed this flick.

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