Thoughts on the Dabel Bros./Fall Out Boy Comic Situation

Okay, so I'm reading about the whole situation where the band, Fall Out Boy, is no longer interested in doing a comic book by the Dabel Bros. since the lawyers from the Simpsons got involved over the use of the name "Fall Out Boy" (who is a character from the Simpsons, and while not a registered trademark, certainly is a trademark of the Simpsons).

Now, I get that the Dabel Bros. are pissed off because they had a contract from the band to do the comic, and since the Simpsons' legal team got involved, the band has cooled off, interest-wise (it seems to me like they want to cause as little ruffles with the Simpsons as possible, because they understand as well as anyone that they're using a trademarked name).

However, according to the Dabel Bros., the comic CAN proceed, it just can not use the name "Fall Out Boy" as a title (or for advertising). They quote the Simpsons' lawyers as saying, "Our sole interest is that the name "Fall Out Boy", the related Simpsons images and any references to The Simpsons not appear in any of your publications."

Well, okay, but while I certainly feel for the Dabel Bros. here - who exactly is interested in reading a Fall Out Boy comic where you can't use the name Fall Out Boy in the comic book?

I'm not saying the Dabel Bros. don't have rights here, but I wonder whether they're really worth enforcing. How well would a comic about Fall Out Boy, without the support OF Fall Out Boy and not even CALLED Fall Out Boy sell?

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