Thoughts on Steve Rogers' Return as Captain America

Tonight, Marvel announced that Steve Rogers is returning as Captain America soon in his own new series, Steve Rogers: Captain America. So, let's process the news!

1. First off - that was a pretty short break, right?

2. Secondly, woohoo! I like Steve Rogers as Captain America. However...

3. I also like that Sam Wilson gets to stay Captain America. It wouldn't be fair for his stint as Cap to be this brief. Bucky was Captain America for over three years. And hell, with the new sort of legacy set-up Marvel has going on for them with Peter Parker and Miles Morales both being Spider-Man, Sam might remain Captain America for a long time!

4. I love that it looks like Sharon Carter and Winter Soldier are going to be in the book along with Steve. I know that has to do with the fact that they're all in the upcoming Captain America movie, but the fact that they're in the Cap movie is BECAUSE they're all cool characters.

5. I like that Nick Spencer is writing both books. I love that Jesus Saiz is drawing the book. He's a great artist.

6. The shield thing is a clever solution. Let Sam keep the main shield, to make him stand out.

7. I don't like the new costume, though. It's actually a decent enough costume in and of itself, but it just seems like changes for the sake of change. The original Joe Simon costume is pretty much perfect. Just stick with it!

8. I thought it was clever of Marvel to announce it during tonight's Captain America 75th anniversary celebration (even though his actual 75th anniversary was last month). Smart idea.

All in all, I'm pumped!

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