Thoughts on Punisher MAX's New Writers

Well, the announcement has been made, and it's really not a huge surprise, as Duane Swierzynski seemed to have been groomed for the role as soon as he signed with Marvel (although I was rooting for Jason Aaron), while it is a bit surprising to see Axel Alonso go with rotating creative teams rather than one steady team. I think it's probably a bad idea to go with rotating creative teams, not from an ARTISTIC standpoint, in which case I'm totally fine with it, but from a sales point of view, it seems like a bad idea to rob the book of the most straightforward of continuity (the "if you like this team, buy this book" continuity of creative teams).

That said, I really want to point out that I think they should just restart the numbering. It seems silly to force other writers to just follow Ennis like they're following just another run - it isn't - Ennis has defined the character for way too long - they should just let him finish his run and launch a new title - Punisher MAX Vol. 2. Give the new creative teams a fresh start.

Vampirella #2

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