Thoughts on News Made Public on People's Blogs/Twitter

The previous post reminded me of another thing I meant to talk about awhile ago.

The internet is an awesome place for comic book creators to interact with their fans. It's neat that they can share stuff with fans - their insight into the books they are making, news about their upcoming work, etc.

However, if you are interacting with people publicly, you have to understand that if you say something newsworthy, it not only WILL be spread around, there really is nothing wrong with the fact that it is spread around.

If you post on your twitter account, "Hey guys, I'm the new writer on Teen Titans!" then that will make the rounds of the comic blogosphere, and it likely will end up at a place like CBR's Robot 6 comic news blog or wherever (heck, maybe even on Comics Should Be Good!).

There's nothing wrong with that.

If you were not supposed to tell anyone that you are the new writer on Teen Titans, then I'm sorry that you're going to get yelled at for announcing it too early, but come on, how the heck can you blame a news site for running news?

If the end result is that less comic book professionals will be willing to share info with the public, then yeah, that's too bad, but I don't think you can (or rather, you should) blame the news sites for such a thing. If the information is publicly available, then the information is publicly available. There's nothing wrong with posting publicly available information if it is newsworthy, like, say, Warren Ellis posting on his Twitter account that Planetary is finished.

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