Thoughts on Marvel's Purchase of Marvelman

It's rare to see a news story this big that has such a gaping hole in what most fans want to know about the story.

Marvel now, apparently, owns the rights to Marvelman, after working out a deal with Mick Anglo, creator of Marvelman.

That, in and of itself, is notable, of course.

However, the thing everyone really wants to know is what this means for the Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman stories, and Marvel, reasonably enough, has been mum on that.

So we have this weird situation where we have a "big" story, but no one knows the key part of the story.

Because while, sure, it's big news for Marvel to now have Marvelman, but if you don't have the Moore or Gaiman stories, it's sort of like announcing that you have Morpheus, but not the rights to print Gaiman's Sandman or Rorschach, but not the rights to print Watchmen, or V, but not the rights to print V for Vendetta, etc.

There are a lot of various people who need to give their permission to have these old issues reprinted, and while I am sure that when all is said and done, we WILL see those earlier issues (especially the Gaiman/Buckingham issues), it's interesting to note that we haven't heard word of it yet.

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