Thoughts on Jeph Loeb and his Artists

So, I'm reading the Hulk #2, and it's not particularly good, but one thing stands out, and the same thing stands out in basically every comic Jeph Loeb writes - the man sure does know how to write for his artists, doesn't he?

Take Hulk #2, for example; the book is an action-packed battle between Iron Man and friends versus the Red Hulk, aboard the SHIELD hellicarrier. I did not think the fight was all that interesting (and the battle led to one ridiculous excuse for, of all things, - SPOILER!!- a Hindenburg gag), but it must have been a total blast to draw!!!

The whole issue was filled with what looked to be cool things for an artist to draw. Ed McGuinness must be thrilled to work with a guy like Loeb, who fills his comics with really, really cool stuff for his artists to draw. The cool stuff might not always work for the story (by "might not always work" I really mean "rarely works"), but damned if it isn't really, really cool stuff.

Take Hush (please! ba dum bum!), for example. TOTALLY played to Jim Lee's relative strengths. Superman/Batman, Loeb gave McGuinness, Turner and Pachecho tons of cool stuff to draw, same with Joe Madureira right now on Ultimates Vol. 3. Meanwhile, for an artist like Tim Sale, who is less of an action artist, Loeb writes stories with less action.

So feel free to give Loeb some guff over his stories and the relative quality of them - but give the man credit for being a delight for artists to work with (excluding that one time he scripted Fantastic Four, that time doesn't count).

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