Thoughts on Farty the Clown

Okay, so let's say you have a comic book, and in that comic book, you have a little kid who has the ability to create an entire separate being. So this kid decides to create a super-villain. And since he is a kid, his idea of a super-villain is really absurd and lame, like, let's say, Farty the Clown, an evil clown who farts a lot.

A silly idea, for sure, but whatever, the whole point is that he is what a dumb little kid would think of.

However, what if later on, future writers on the comic decide that Farty the Clown is an actual person, and not only is he a real character, he is actually a really important character! Like, say, Farty the Clown is now wrapped up in the origins of a number of the most prominent characters in the title.

Then you even have a separate mini-series explaining Farty the Clown's origins!

Wouldn't that be pretty stupid?

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