As you might have heard by now, DC made a pretty clear statement today about how they will be handling the "DC Universe" in the foreseeable future. Their ongoing comics appear to be limited to 52 ongoings at a time, so if they launch a new title, that means a current title has to come to an end.

They are launching six new titles: Batman Incorporated, Dial H, Justice Society of America, World's Finest, Ravagers and GI Combat.

Therefore, the six canceled titles are: OMAC, Mister Terrific, Static Shock, Men of War, Blackhawks and Hawk and Dove.

A few notes about these various moves...

1. When DC launched the new 52, they made a point to stress the diversity of the line. So it is notable that of the six canceled titles, they include two of their three titles starring African-American leads (four counting their African lead, Batwing) and their only Asian-American lead character.

2. With Justice Society and World's Finest (which will star the Earth-2 Huntress and Power Girl), we also have total confirmation that Earth-2 exists. That should be interesting. It is cool to see Paul Levitz get a shot to write the original Huntress. And George Perez and Kevin Maguire swapping arcs? Awesome! Plus, it will be interesting to if James Robinson can re-create that Golden Age magic with the Justice Society (having a strong artist like Nicola Scott certainly helps!).

3. Ravagers brings Howard Mackie back to ongoing mainstream comic book work. The New 52 has seen a number of veteran writers return to regular work - Scott Lobdell, Ann Nocenti, Tom DeFalco and now Mackie.

4. China Miéville is going to be writing Dial H. It sounds like an interesting pitch.

I am sure you all have plenty of kneejerk reactions that you are dying to voice, so have at it! What are your thoughts on this announcement?

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