Thoughts on DC Comics' Rebirth Announcement

Let's talk a bit about DC Comics' Rebirth announcement today...

-Doing two issues of their main titles a month but at a smaller price point? That's a clever strategy by DC that seems designed to appeal to the direct market ("Hey? You know how we have a certain amount of books that do well for you? How about two of them a month?"). However, doing it with seventeen titles is an awfully big risk. Can Aquaman and Cyborg really support two issues a month shipping? That said, if there ever was a chance for this to work, doing it this way is the way (releasing them all at once as a hyped event).

-I totally understand why you would want to stay generally tight-lipped about future events, but I don't know, I think this is one of those rare occasions where I think it would have worked better for Geoff Johns to spell out more what their plan is for this event than what he was allowed to say today. I am still royally confused by what this is supposed to be and I think that sort of hurts the hype factor of the event.

-What Johns DID say, though, was obviously quite encouraging. Acknowledging that things were lost in the New 52 was refreshing and specifically pointing out the importance of LEGACY is great, as that was such a nice aspect of the DC Universe for years that the New 52 just wiped out pretty much entirely.

-Johns' response to people saying that they're going to make the comics too much like the movies was awesome. He handled this question BEAUTIFULLY:

I know people have been talking about, "They're going to make the comics like the TV shows or the films!" Why would we do that? These aren't licensed comics. That's boring. We already have TV and the films. And those are great. But comics are their own thing. We talked about "Green Arrow' with the writer; all we talked about were comics. We talked about "Longbow Hunters," Neal Adams' work, all the great "Green Arrow'" runs that have happened -- there have been a lot of them. If there's something interesting that we see in film or TV that we want to nod to or bring over, we do it, but it's really much more focused on the comic books.

He really nailed it.

-Something that always irked me about the New 52 was something that Grant Morrison has always talked about, the idea that you want your comic book universe to be as inclusive of stories as you possibly can. That was his idea for Hypertime - he hated what he felt was a constrictive nature of the Post-Crisis DC Universe. However, the Post-Crisis DC Universe was FAR more inclusive than the New 52. People would highlight the notable examples of where the Post-Crisis DC Universe would limit your storytelling with regards to the overall DC Universe, but New 52 DRASTICALLY limited storytelling with regards to the overall DC Universe. No Teen Titans, no Hard Travelin' Heroes, No Justice Society of America. It was crazy. So the fact that Johns specifically quotes Morrison in discussing Rebirth makes me happy (although the quote is, "DC is a living, breathing universe that's truly alive," which is a bit less on point).

-I like the return of the numbering for Action Comics and Detective Comics, but it only works if there's an actual connection to the legacy of the titles. I believe DiDio made a comment back in 2011, which I did agree with at the time, which was to say that they would be unlikely to renumber just for the sake of renumbering. THAT I agree with, I just hope that Rebirth is something where it makes sense to renumber.

-Finally, it is not a reboot...and it never was. The only thing that comes to my mind based on that is perhaps some sort of further integration of the Pre-New 52 DC Universe? You know, like "That DCU is still around, we're just seeing a different aspect of it - and not the weird Convergence thing, but more like the Titans Hunt seepage in of the past" stuff. HOW this will be achieved will be fascinating.

-Sorry, I know I said finally, but it just occurred to me - you know who could fix all of this? Mopee. Get on it, DC!

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