Thoughts on Daniel Way's Deadpool

Boy, do I like Daniel Way's Deadpool! It is a bit of a shame that, here we are, 20-some-odd issues into Wolverine Origins, and the book is currently seeing the best issues of the entire run, and for the most part, it is because Way is doing such a good job with the NON-Wolverine characters in the book!

A highlight of Way's short stint on Wolverine was the issue where he had Wolverine face off against Bucky/The Winter Soldier (being, I believe, the first non-Brubaker writer to handle the character, and really, now that I think about it, is Way the ONLY non-Brubaker writer to handle the character?). Way handled the Winter Soldier quite well, and lately, the highlight of Way's not-so-great run on Wolverine Origins had been the recent storyline set in the past, with Captain America and (once again) Bucky, including the amazing "sideways" take on Uncanny X-Men #268. That was the highlight of his run, until this Deadpool story arc began. Way's morbid sense of humor fits Deadpool so perfectly that it is such great news to learn that his next Marvel project is a Deadpool series.

Way is taking a madcap approach to Deadpool, similar to Joe Kelly's classic run, except Way is also adding a darker tone to Deadpool (which is not THAT dissimilar to Kelly, who also had a bit of an edge to his run), and I think it's a fresh look at the character. Meanwhile, Steve Dillon's artwork works well for Deadpool because Dillon is so NOT a cartoonish artist, so when he is asked to draw cartoonish stuff like Deadpool, it looks so bizarre, but in a good way. Like watching a real life Bugs Bunny. It's fascinating.

I can't wait until their Deadpool comes out.

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