Thoughts on Comic Book Delays

Tom Brevoort (I looked, and could not find the original piece by Brevoort, so I couldn't link to it) had an interesting piece awhile back on a possible reason why we are seeing an increase of delays in comic book projects, and that was the idea that creators are committing themselves to more projects than they can actually produce in the alloted time given. A creator (I think it was Scott Hanna, but because I don't have the piece in front of me, I cannot confirm that) responded to Brevoort by saying that creators, who mostly have to work as their own agents, are pressured into saying "yes, I can do it" for fear that they'll be taken off the editor's list of creators to turn to. I appreciate what that creator was saying, and I think it is most likely quite true, but I do not think it as applicable as one might think - as I think the main "culprits" of lateness are in the exact opposite position than that creator is in.

Specifically, they do not HAVE to worry about

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