Both Marvel and DC had some interesting news at Baltimore Comic-Con (click here for Marvel's news and click here for DC's news), so let's take a look.

First off, the COOLEST news by far - Grant Morrison is staying on All Star Superman after Frank Quitely leaves! He's going to be doing a series of one-shot stories with different artists.


Dwayne McDuffie is apparently bringing Firestorm to the Justice League. I don't mind this, as it is basically the same thing that Gerry Conway did with the character back when he was on the title, and it worked out well enough back then (and to be frank, Jason is probably a bit more interesting than Ronnie).

Secret Invasion is a cool name for the Marvel Skrull crossover.

Ant-Man being added to Avengers: Initiative is a good idea. Isn't it funny to hear on the same day of a DC canceled solo hero being added to a team book AND a Marvel canceled solo hero being added to a team book? Weird.

Chuck Dixon back on Robin? That is good news. He never should have left in the first place (although I would probably have left, too, if I was in the same situation)!

Good take on Tony Stark by Tom Brevoort - "I think Iron Man's a more fascinating character. The thing that's always made Tony Stark special is that he's a guy who, when he believes in what he's doing, will go against everyone else. What makes him heroic is that he does it, he carry that weight for the greater good." Sure DOES sound like the same dude who did Armor Wars, no?

CB Cebulski's talent search is still on - check it out at his blog here.

Peter Tomasi on Green Lantern Corps AND Nightwing? Wow, they sure are showing some confidence in Tomasi, eh? I mean, he's been Morrison's editor, so I trust the guy, but this is like going from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds.

Great line by Ron Marz here -

An audience member thanked the panel for making Kyle Rayner Parallax because he hated the character so much. "You know he's not real, right?" Marz said. "I made him up."

Marz also gets bonus points for saying the book he'd like to see given the Absolute treatment was All Star Superman.

Dan Didio becoming the editor on Teen Titans is really weird.

Hmmm...not as much news as I first thought, I think I was just so excited over the "more Morrison on All Star Superman" news that I didn't note how fairly blah the rest of the news was (the Dixon on Robin news was cool, though!).

What do you folks think of the convention news?

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