Thors #3

The murder of one of their own has rattled the Thors to their foundation, which gives writer Jason Aaron and artists Chris Sprouse and Goran Sudzuka the perfect opportunity to share the interrogation process with readers. As a member of the squad, "Ultimate" Thor takes the spotlight in this issue, questioning Loki about the murders of the Janes, Beta Ray Thor and Donald Blake.

The interrogation room is comparable to a standard-issue police interrogation room, with a one-way portal from an observation room to the Thunder Room, the actual space where Thors get the answers they need for their investigations. That puts a very heavy dose of talking heads into "Thors" #3, but Aaron fills their conversation with clues, both to the mysteries the Thors are trying to crack and to the grander tapestry of "Secret Wars." The writer then rewards the readers with six action-packed pages to close out this penultimate issue.

Unsurprisingly, those six pages deliver the most dynamic visuals in "Thors" #3. Describing the action there would spoil the issue, but Sprouse draws power and emotion into each of the characters on the pages. Marte Gracia and Israel Silva's colors are punched up in this scene as well, giving vibrancy and rage to the battle. Prior to that final scene, the art is serviceable, but not remarkable. Sudzuka provides an ample assist, at times aping the work and style of Sprouse to an amazing degree where it becomes hard to determine if the art is Sprouse hurrying through or Sudzuka really hitting the mark and replicating the floor of his co-artist. Part of the leveling between the two artists is, undoubtedly, due to inkers Karl Story and Dexter Vines, but there are enough wobbles in the first thirteen pages to go unnoticed. "Thors" #3 isn't an ugly book by any stretch of the imagination; it just seems a bit rushed and, perhaps, it doesn't contain the best level from the artists working on this comic. It still moves and the storytelling is largely the reason for that, but it just feels like it wants to be better.

"Thors" #3 delivers the story beats necessary to move the mystery forward and inserts the personality required to make readers care. All of the answers aren't present in this issue, but readers are given the opportunity to solve the case alongside the Thors as Loki sheds some light on the matter. On thing is revealed, however: "Thors" #4 is going to be filled with plenty of thunder and lightning as Battleworld gets rocked by the revelations and the inevitable conflict those answers will bring.

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