Marvel's Latest Wedding is Ruined by [SPOILER] and [REDACTED]

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thor #3 by Jason Aaron, Mike del Mundo, Marco D'Alfonso, and Joe Sabino. 

Jason Aaron and Mike del Mundo's new direction on Thor means that the God of Thunder is having more fun than he did in the past. Previously under Aaron's hand, the Odinson and Jane Foster dealt with their own morality and the sins of their past. This current run, however, is content with being as wild and audacious as Thor: Raganrok was last year. The previous issue alone featured a hammer that became two hammers, a Bomb Hammer, the start of a possible romance between a T-Rex and a talking dog, and a singing demonic train. And that was all before concluding with Thor's niece Hela rising from the water on top of her giant wolf Fenris.

Thor #3, like many other comics this summer, is all about a wedding. More specifically, that of Hela and Balder, who has been operated as Hel's king in her absence. After a rather lengthy fight where Thor's party fight Hela, Fenris, and Tyr, the Asgardians bicker about who should rule Hel; Balder isn't going to give up the throne, Hela won't settle for anything but the throne, and the Sindr Queen's army and the War of the Realms are quickly growing closer. To make sure everyone's happy and ensure that Hel doesn't go through a civil war, Loki comes up quite the solution: Hela and Balder just get married then and there.

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All things considered, it's certainly much cheerier wedding than the Batman/Catwoman or X-Men affairs from a few weeks earlier, and even manages to be fun in its own way.  Despite the fact this all done more out of self preservation than actual love, it gets right what the X-Men wedding did not, and that's just embracing the inherent absurdity that would come from a union between people with super strength and silly costumes.

Tyr, who began the issue trying to kill Loki, tears up during the wedding. Thor's dog Thori declares himself the "best flower girl in Hel." Skurge tries and fails to give advice to a heartbroken Karnilla after he's spent the majority of the issue sleeping in his truck. Try as they might, there'll never be a normal in their lives, so they may as well just embrace the fact that their lives will be weird, all the time.

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