Thor: 5 Ways Ultimate Mjolnir Is More Powerful Than The Original (And 5 Why It's Weaker)

On his 30th birthday, Thorlief Golmen experienced a severe mental breakdown that made him question his sanity. He began hallucinating, envisioning a magical realm that resembled the mythological land of Asgard! Golmen also started having dreams in which he possessed godly strength and a hammer that could control the elements!

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Thorlief would eventually learn the truth — that his delusions were actually memories of his past life as the Thor, Norse God of Thunder. Consequently, he'd reclaim his most prized possession; Mjolnir. There are quite a few differences between Ultimate Mjolnir and its Earth-616 counterpart. We're going to tell you five ways that Ultimate Thor's hammer surpasses Mainstream Thor's, and five ways that it falls short.

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10 Ultimate Mjolnir Doubles As A Battery

The heading up above is a bit misleading, as Ultimate Mjolnir's primary purpose is to power the European Defense Initiative's Bio-Mechanical suit. Back when Ultimate Thor still thought he was a mortal, EDI drafted him into a secret program. EDI's goal was to produce a warrior that could rival America's Super Soldiers. To that end, the shady European organization created the Bio-Mechanical harness.

As powerful as this tool was, the scientists and engineers who created couldn't figure out how to power it. Thorlief intervened and suggested that EDI store the harness' power source in a hammer. While it's never been stated how many joules Ultimate Mjolnir generates, we imagine it could easily fuel an entire city's power grid.

9 Mainstream Mjolnir Has Security Features


On the other side of the coin, the Worthiness Enchantment acts as a security measure for one of the strongest weapons in the Marvel Universe. Mainstream Thor, his cinematic counterpart, doesn't have to worry about a villain stealing his weapon in the middle of a battle. We've even seen both of these versions of the hero trap unworthy opponents by placing Mjolnir on top of them.

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We feel it's worth noting that 'worthy' doesn't mean 'good.' Long ago, Mjolnir deemed Spider-Man unworthy of wielding it as the Wall-Crawler is morally opposed to killing his enemies. Conversely, characters like the Red Hulk and Incredible Hulk have used Mjolnir, albeit by cheating the system a little. Overall, the Worthiness Enchantment keeps Mjolnir out of the wrong hands.

8 Wielders Of Ultimate Mjolnir Can Use 4D Teleportation

Who needs super speed when you can teleport anywhere in the blink of an eye? Well, Ultimate Thor's can run like when wind when he has to — but he usually doesn't, thanks to his trusty hammer-ax. Yes, Mainstream Mjolnir allows Thor to teleport as well. However, the Odinson has to twirl it around to do so.

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Ultimate Mjolnir, on the other hand, can generate the same effects almost instantaneously! It also possesses '4D' teleportation abilities - which is a fancy way of saying that Ultimate Thor can teleport an entire SHIELD Helicarrier if he needed to! This version of Mjolnir is so adept at teleporting objects and opponents that its users tend to end fights by porting foes across space and time.

7 Mainstream Thor Can Recall Mjolnir

Oh yeah, this is probably Mjolnir's second most iconic feature. Some fans like to call it the 'Boomerang Effect.' Whatever your preference for nomenclature, Thor's ability to recall his hammer is awesome! It's also a feat that Ultimate Mjolnir can't pull off. Or at least the initial EDI version of the weapon couldn't so.

Mainstream and Cinematic Mjolnir are insanely loyal weapons; they'll transcend light years and crash through planets to return to their rightful wielders! Both Thors have used this feature offensively and defensively, throwing their hammers around to initiate battles as well as to escape from them. In the comics, Mainstream Mjolnir has even traveled through multiple dimensions to return to Thor.

6 Ultimate Mjolnir Is A Scientist's Dream Come True

There's a bevy of pros that come with wielding a mystical weapon created by gods; Mainstream Mjolnir is borderline indestructible and selectively obeys the laws of physics. However, all of that power comes with its share of setbacks. Magical weapons might be easy to upgrade and repair in Asgard or Nidavellir, but not so much on Earth.

However, Ultimate Mjolnir doesn't have that problem; any of the scientific geniuses that lived in the Ultimate Universe could've made modifications to this intricate invention. As a matter of fact, one of them did; a humble inventor by the name of Anthony Stark — best known the world over as Iron Man!

5 The God Tempest Lives In Mainstream Mjolnir

Considering all of the impossible feats that Mainstream Mjolnir is capable of, you'd think the hammer was alive. Well, it is, in a sense. Eons ago, a cataclysmic phenomenon that was known as the God Tempest existed in the Marvel Universe. Possessing sentence, the Tempest made its way to Asgard — intent on wreaking havoc!

Odin fought, defeated, and trapped the Tempest within a piece of Uru metal. We think you know the rest. Centuries later, long after Jane Foster took up Mjolnir as well as the mantle of Thor, the hammer regained sentience. As a result, Jane could speak with Mjolnir and perform all sorts of crazy feats that even Thor Odinson couldn't!

4 One Could Describe Ultimate Mjolnir As 'Bleeding Edge'

Sorry, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a punny joke this time around. Okay, we'll stop. Anyhow, one of Ultimate Mjolnir's most defining traits is its stylish appearance; this version of the weapon sports a gorgeous silver tint and an overall elegant design. It also possesses a pointy edge opposite of the hammer's face.

That blade isn't a decoration — Ultimate Thor can use it to cleave his foes in twain in one fell swoop! Ultimate Hulk has felt the bite of this weapon's blade, as well as scores of nameless soldiers and robots. If someone is tied up in a bind, this weapon can also cut them out of harm's way. Basically, Ultimate Mjolnir is a Swiss Army Hammer!

3 Dwarves Created Mainstream Mjolnir

When we assumed you knew the rest of Mjolnir's origin story last paragraph, we were referring to this bit of the hammer's creation. After Odin trapped the God Tempest with a nugget of Uru metal, he took it to the Dwarves of Nidavellir (there's that name again.) These guys got to work forging a weapon of epic proportions.

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It took 17 weeks of tireless work, as well as the might of a star, but the Dwarves managed to incorporate the nugget into Mjolnir. Since it's composed of Uru metal, Mainstream Mjolnir is infinitely more durable than steel or titanium. Ultimate Mjolnir, strong as it is, can't dent Celestial armor.

2 Ultimate Mjolnir Is Relatively Easy To Use

If we were to ask you what Mainstream Mjolnir's most defining trait is, we bet the bulk of you would cite its 'Worthiness Enchantment.' Fair enough, considering that entire storylines have cropped up concerning who is and isn't worthy to wield this mighty weapon. Since humans created Ultimate Mjolnir, however, it lacks this iconic feature!

This weapon's accessibility is a double-edged sword, er, ax; it'd theoretically be a lot easier to steal Ultimate Mjolnir, but it would also be a lot easier to share it with your companions. So long as one is strong enough to wield it, an individual can use this version of Thor's hammer — worthy or unworthy. You'd need the harness to use its full power, but at least you and your crew could set up some awesome tag team attacks with Thor.

1 Mainstream Mjolnir's Freaking Magical!


Calling back to our previous point, Mainstream Mjolnir is the polar opposite of Ultimate Mjolnir. While the latter hammer is a truly formidable weapon, Mainstream Mjolnir is a divine instrument! Thor can alter matter, travel across time and space, channel God-Force energies and more with his signature weapon. Thor once resurrected a man after witnessing his wrongful death!

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In the classic stories, Thor had a secret identity as Donald Blake. To protect that persona, Thor would often disguise himself using Mjolnir's magic. Even now, in the Modern Age of comics, writers continue to come up with new ways to depict Mainstream Mjolnir's mystical might.

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