War of the Realms: How Marvel's Big Event Will Invade the Earth

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Thor #9 by Jason Aaron, Mike Del Mundo and VC's Joe Sabino, on sale now.

One of the many outcomes of the Mangog's rampage through the gods of Asgardia in the final issues of Mighty Thor was the destruction of the Rainbow Bridge Bifrost, which allowed Thor to travel between the Ten Realms. Without it, the God of Thunder is at a disadvantage to stop the Dark Elf Malekith from making his War of the Realms a reality.

War of the Realms is the next big Marvel event that will see dark elves, frost giants, trolls and more invade the final realm that has evaded Malekith: Earth aka Midgard. With the Bifrost destroyed, Thor has been unable to travel and provide aid to the realms attacked by Malekith. This raises an interesting question that has largely gone overlooked -- How is Malekith able to go from realm-to-realm when that option has even been removed from the Mighty Thor?

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Thor #9 delivers a pretty simple answer, and it spells bad news for the people and heroes of Earth.

If You Build It, They Will Invade

Former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Roz Solomon has a new occupation as an Agent of Wakanda, the new top secret support staff for Black Panther's Avengers. One of her first missions was to weed out suspicious energy signatures that matched any of the other Ten Realms. That led Roz to a townhouse in Queens, home to a quartet of dark elves. Once Roz made it inside, she witnessed a frost giant emerge from a magical portal that looked a lot like the Rainbow Bridge previously found on Asgardia.

Of course, a fight broke out with Roz extremely outnumbered. Thanks to her new Wakandan all-terrain vehicle, she was able to teleport herself and the frost giant to the hottest location on the planet Earth, where she interrogated the melting frost giant for some answers. She soon discovered Malekith has built his very own Black Bifrost, enabling him to bring the War of the Realms to Earth's doorstep.

The frost giant wouldn't reveal when Malekith's army would begin its invasion, but Roz's guess is pretty soon. With this newfound knowledge, Thor can at least start the process of alerting his friends and teammates in the Avengers to the oncoming threat. However, Thor isn't the only character now aware of the new Black Bifrost -- Odin has sent his brother Cul Borson on a covert mission in the heart of Svartalfheim to seek answers and uncovers the use of the Bifrost.

Odin and Cul will look to stop Malekith before he gets the opportunity to use the Black Bifrost to travel to Earth, but with War of the Realms already on Marvel's summer calendar, their attempt will be futile. Odin is working in an advisory role for the Agents of Wakanda, but could be called into action once the war reaches Earth, his son's adopted homeland. But once the Black Bifrost opens in the heart of the Marvel Universe, the War of the Realms will truly be underway.

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