Thor: The Truth of History #1

Story by
Art by
Alan Davis, Mark Farmer
Colors by
Rob Schwager
Letters by
Joe Caramagna
Cover by
Marvel Comics

Thor gets a little more screen time this month than in standard months. I am presuming that this tale, along with "Age of Thunder," "Man of War," and "Reign of Blood" are intended to keep Thor fans fresh during the scheduling irregularities that seem to have found their way into the "regular" Thor series. In days past, this type of story was referred to as an inventory story, but now these are one shots. Either way, it serves the fan well in that they still have adventures of Asgard's favored son at hand for a good read.

Sandwiched between a framing sequence that features a nod and a wink to Abbott and Costello (at least visually), Alan Davis writes a classic Thor, very much in the vein and appearance of the days gone past, long before Walt Simonson set pencil to paper on the Odinson. The Thor rendered here, is the classic Kirby design, with the flowing red cape and circles upon his jersey.

Davis' story takes Thor and the Warriors Three into ancient Egypt during the construction of the pyramids. The entire issue has the Asgardians looking over their shoulders, fearful of violating a truce with the Egyptian pantheon.

The story, on the whole, is an enjoyable tale, as is any tale featuring the art tandem of Alan Davis and Mark Farmer, easily worth a good read if time and budget both allow. For the most part, however, I found myself wondering what the exact relevance behind the timing of this tale might be, as the Thor depicted here is not the "current" Thor. Perhaps there will be repercussions coming forth due to the Asgardians presence. Or maybe not. While I may be questioning this, I certainly want to make it clear this is a solid read, but not one that is apparently necessary in the flow of current events in the pages of "Thor" or any other regular Marvel title.

(CBR also has a six page preview of this comic.)

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