Thor the Mighty Avenger #7

Story by
Art by
Chris Samnee
Colors by
Matthew Wilson
Letters by
Rus Wooton
Cover by
Marvel Comics

"One more to go after this."

That is the thought that I couldn't help but have when I finished "Thor the Mighty Avenger" #7. "One more to go after this." It's the wrong thought to have when finishing a comic like this. The more fitting thought is "That was a pretty great comic," and to enjoy that sensation a little bit before reflecting on the cancellation of the series. Look on the bright side and all that, because it's hard not to when you're dealing with "Thor the Mighty Avenger," an upbeat, enthusiastic, joyful, touching, and entertaining comic that's one part action series and one part sitcom.

After last issue's kiss between Thor and Jane, their budding relationship continues to move forward as Thor finds himself the town hero for his recent heroic deeds. Langridge and Samnee capture the inherent absurdity and comedy of Thor, in full costume, walking down the street and getting compliments from people, including a big hug from the mother of a woman he saved from Mr. Hyde. For the first time since he's come to Earth, everything seems pretty good for Thor and there's no any pining for Asgard. There's a genuine sense that the character has grown, or at least changed to fit his surroundings a little, over the course of the previous six issues.

Underneath this, a mysterious plot is occurring as a pair of scientists employed by a secret boss send a robot after Thor. The robot leaves a wake of destruction that turns the entire town on Thor, thinking he did it, before Thor takes the mechanical destroyer down with relative ease. His reaction to the robot not fighting with honor is funny, as is the reaction of the lead scientist when he sees his robot destroyed by the Thunder God: "The hobo's power levels are far beyond anything we measured previously."

Samnee continues to impress, somehow showing himself at ease with loud, big action scenes involving a half dozen robots and quiet nights in with Thor in a t-shirt having dinner with Jane. His pages look very thought out as he picks the exact right facial expression at any given moment to make sure we know what's going on in a character's head. He also nails the visual joke of the two scientists as stand-ins for a certain two Muppets.

"Thor the Mighty Avenger" #7 ends on a cliffhanger, leading into next month's finale. The book will be missed, but it's hard to feel too down after reading the latest issue, because the quality is so overwhelming. Soon to be a back issue bin treasure no doubt!

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