Thor: The Dark World, The Walking Dead, Avengers: Age of Ultron: September 3rd Comic Reed


Natalie Portman spoke with Static Multimedia about her return as Jane Foster in "Thor: The Dark World" and what her role is this time around.

"She's really helping, but not in like a physical superhero way," Portman told Static Multimedia. "Her scientific understanding kind of helps understand what's going on with the correspondence of different worlds with each other."

Portman also briefly discussed getting to punch Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the second film.

"We did a few that were fake, but they could tell because I am just bad at that," said Portman. "So there were a few real ones because they were like, 'You are just a little girl, you really can't hurt him.' So I don't know, he acted like he could handle it, but I think I actually hurt him."

Opens November 8


The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the cast and crew of "The Walking Dead" about possible spoilers for the series' fourth season, including the return of David Morrissey as The Governor.

"He doesn't carry what happened at the end of season three very lightly," Morrissey told THR. "He was a man that recognizes a switch went off in his head and even though he's done terrible things, that ramped him up to somewhere else and he was out of control. That's a very worrying thing for him and that switch takes him into this dark place. ... It's about how he deals and comes to terms with the man he is and what he's capable of and which side he's going to fall on. That's the choice he has to make."

A new deleted scene from season three has surfaced online from the episode "Clear."

Debuts October 9 on AMC


"Iron Man 3" writer Drew Pearce spoke with SciFiNow Magazine (via Comic Book Movie) about how the film sets things up for Tony's appearance as Iron Man in "Age of Ultron" and director Joss Whedon's plans for the character.

"Obviously, 'Age of Ultron' suggests that in 'Avengers 2' there will definitely be some level of, if not giant evil robots, then definitely a robotic or artificial intelligence entity. I may or may not have been excited about it for a year," Pearce told SciFiNow. "Not every aspect of Phase Two is planned already, but Joss has been thinking about it for a year and Kevin has been thinking about what 'Avengers 2' does since the first film. The scale I think they're going to reach for is going to be truly epic, which is incredible when you consider how epic 'Avengers' was. But on a character level the story will actually be smaller, or at least more intimate. It's hard to put a list together of all the things Joss [Whedon] is good at as a writer, but definitely in the top five would be dealing with the shifting dynamics of a large group of characters."

Opens May 1, 2015


A rumor has begun that "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch is currently in talks to play a Sith in the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VII." Ain't It Cool News confirmed that the rumor actually began early last week, but only a single unofficial source had confirmed Cumberbatch's possible involvement. It's certainly possible -- after all, Cumberbatch played Khan in director J.J. Abrams "Star Trek Into Darkness" and he's got name recognition among fans. It'd be an intriguing casting choice -- hopefully more will come from this in the near future.

Opens 2015


While speaking with Doctor Who Magazine (via Cultbox.co.uk), "Doctor Who" showrunner Steven Moffat discussed writing Matt Smith's final episode of the series as The Doctor.

"His appetites and his enthusiasm will change," Moffat said of the regeneration. "And that's sort of what I'm writing about now in Matt's last episode, the fact that he's terribly aware that he's about to be rewritten. And it's frightening..."

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