Thor, the Bulldog, Wins the 2019 National Dog Show

On Thanksgiving Day, Thor (the Bulldog)  was named the winner of the 2019 National Dog Show.

The announcement was made during the televised dog competition on Thursday on NBC. Thor -- not to be confused with Marvel's God of Thunder -- was one of the final seven contests to make it to the finals. Other finalists included Nick, the Siberian Husky; Daniel, the Golden Retriever; Maddie, a Pharaoh Hound; Sophia, an Old English Sheepdog; Blaine, a Wheaten Terrier; and Bono, a Havanese.

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After the win, Thor's handler Eduardo Paris expressed his love and admiration for the bulldog. "He’s a dog that always gives everything," Paris stated after the announcement. "I discovered him in South America, and I love this dog. That’s all for me. He’s a very complete dog. He’s not just one piece, he’s many pieces together. He moves like a dream. I love this dog."

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Originally named The Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Show, the dog contest has existed since 1879, before being renamed the National Dog Show. This year marked the first time an Azawakh was entered into the highly-regarded annual dog event. Since becoming a televised event in 2002, the competition has added 46 breeds.

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The National Dog Show airs every Thanksgiving after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC.

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