Love is in the Air for Thori, Thor's Talking Dog

The following contains minor spoilers for Thor #2 written by Jason Aaron, lettered by Joe Sabino, and drawn by Mike del Mundo.

Superhero comics love themselves some love stories. In between all the punching and constant deaths, there's always love brewing between various characters. This month in particular has been filled with two high profile romances: a wedding between X-Men members Colossus and Shadowcat that instead became a wedding for their teammates Rogue and Gambit, and the oh so imminent wedding between Batman and Catwoman.

But as these romances reach their sort of end, a new one is just beginning.

This month's issue of Thor sees our titular Odinson wind up in Hel with his brother Loki and his pair of pets: a talking Hellhound named Thori and goat mount Toothgrinder. Though Odinson has had Toothgrinder for actual decades, Thori is a more recent addition to the God of Thunder's pet collection, having been acquired during last year's Unworthy Thor miniseries after being saved from the Collector's clutches.

Having just been found by Baldur the Brave and Skurge the Executioner, the group quickly gets into a fight with some Firepedes from the realm of Muspelheim, As the fight soon becomes overwhelming, they're all saved by Karnilla the Norn Queen and Tyr, king of Hel. While Karnilla rolls up in what's basically an Asgardian motorcycle, Tyr shows up on a mount of his own: an Asgardian T-Rex, or at least whatever counts as the equivalent.

As the group takes a rest and formulates a plan, Thori has a moment with Tyr's unnamed dinosaur. The two lock eyes and and a smitten Thori asks the beast for its hand in marriage, even as it snorts in his lovestruck face.

Jason Aaron's Thor run is no stranger to love, given the dynamic between Odinson and previous Thor Jane Foster, but the blossoming love here makes it all the sweeter. There's a cute innocence to the moment that gives a little extra depth to the Hellhound and serves to balance him out after he's largely proven to be so willing to bite anything with which he comes in contact. It's not all that clear if the dinosaur can talk, much less if it understands or reciprocates Thori's puppy love. But given that there's a large scale war looming over all of Thor's adventures, Thori should appreciate the little moments before it all inevitably goes to Hel. Here's hoping more of this romance is sprinkled throughout the book, if only to see how a Hellhound would woo a giant dinosaur.

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